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Online resources

Political Science online

The liberary collection is completely indexed online. You can search it online via the Kölner UniversitätsGesamtkatalog (KUG).

From the UK-LAN, the following link leads directly to the search within the stocks of the Institute of Political Science. If you want to search within the stocks of other institute libraries please change the search settings.

The collection of the institute's library is generally marked as reference holdings. Most of our books are available to loan, however.

Most of our data has been transferred to the database of the USB and the shelf marks now begin with "125/..." (and blanks and * have been replaced with /). You can ignore this part of the shelf marks because it just means that the book is placed in this library. Data not yet transferred have the usual shelf marks.

Electronic journals

Within the University of Cologne network, you have access to an extensive collection of digital journals. The following link leads to a complete list of political science journals that are available online at the University of Cologne.

Electronic Journal Library

Digital Databases

Within the UK-LAN, the following link leads to digital databases which are useful for political science research. The databases include a number of different resources which can be of use for the search for scientific literature as well as for the access to documents and sources of various kinds.

Political science databases of the University of Cologne