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Bachelor’s programmes

BSc Social Sciences

Political science forms a core component of the BSc Social Sciences, in additon to sociology and social psychology. The programme focuses on an empirical education and provides students with a strong training in social science methods. In addition to the core lectures in political science, students of Social Sciences attend several seminars, which allows them to choose their own specialisation. Social Sciences students may also write their degree thesis at the Institute for Political Science.

Social scientists with a specialisation in political science pursue careers in, for example, academia and research institutions, in political parties, associations, and consultancies, in ministries and public administration, or in the media. A degree in Social Sciences with a specialisation in political science also qualifies for an advanced Master’s programme in Political Science.

If you are interested in doing your Bachelor’s at Cologne, you can learn more in the comprehensive overview of the BSc Social Sciences programme, including information about admission requirements and the application procedure.

Further Bachelor’s programmes

BA Regional Studies

The Bachelor’s programmes in China, Latin America, and Eastern and Central Europe Studies are joint study programmes that are offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. Students in these programmes can attend political science courses as part of their elective courses in Social Sciences.

Bsc Economics

Students in the Bachelor’s programme in Economics have ample options for specialisation. One of these is Social Sciences, where students attend the core lectures in political science as well as a seminar of their choosing.

BSc Management, Economics and Social Sciences

The English-language Bachelor’s programme Management, Economics and Social Sciences includes courses in Public Policy, which are exclusively offered for students in that programme.