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Exam registration

Registering for a course and registering for an exam are two separate procedures! Students must register for exams in order to be able to get credits. This is irrespective of the type of exam (written exam, presentation and term paper, portfolio, etc.). In addition to the deadline for exam registration, there is also a deadline for de-registering.

In most cases, exam registration is done via KLIPS, just as with course registration. See the instructions. In a few exceptional cases, there may be a different registration procedure organised by the Chair hosting the course. For international students, different procedures may apply in certain cases; please check with the Faculty's Centre for International Relations (ZIB).

Observe the deadlines for registering and de-registering!
Registering after the deadline is not possible. If you miss the deadline, you cannot complete your course.
Registration is binding once the deadline has passed. If you change your mind but do not de-register in time, this will count as a failed attempt.

For seminars, deadlines vary. In some cases, they can be as early as the third week of the term. Please check KLIPS or ask your lecturer. The examination date for seminars stated in KLIPS is only a technical date. The actual deadlines for handing in term papers, projects, etc. are set by your lecturer.

For written exams in lectures, the deadline for (de-)registration is approximately two weeks before the date of the exam. Please check KLIPS or ask your lecturer. For lectures, you must register on KLIPS for examination in the corresponding module (not the course).

Please note that there are certain restrictions for changing modules and groups (ER 2021) that take effect once you register for an exam.

In order to be able to register for exams in the first place, you require a one-time general admission to the examinations procedure at the beginning of your studies.