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Master’s in Political Science

The Master of Arts in Political Science offers a research-focused programme in English with a strong methods training and a broad education within the discipline. The programme’s empirical and analytical focus enables students to analyse political phenomena using state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative methods and carry out their own independent research project.

The MA programme offers a broad education, with courses covering a wide range of fields in political science. Nonetheless, students may also specialise in a specific field by focusing on certain thematic areas. The programme’s supplementary section features courses from neighbouring academic disciplines, providing an interdisciplinary perspective.

Graduates embark on professional careers in, for example, ministries, civil society organisations, or political consulting. Those interested in pursuing an academic career may also continue to study in a doctoral programme. 

If you are interested in doing your Master’s at Cologne, you can learn more in the comprehensive programme overview, including information about admission requirements and the application procedure.

Double Master’s in European Studies

In cooperation with Maastricht University, the Master’s in Political Science can be completed as part of a two-year double Master’s programme in European Studies.

Graduates receive both the Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Cologne and the Master of Science in European Studies from Maastricht University. The two programmes are designed to complement each other. Students spend the first year in Maastricht. In the second year, they move to Cologne, where they also write their degree thesis.

A double Master’s programme gives students international experience, intercultural skills, and language skills, which are much sought-after qualifications.