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Study abroad

The Centre of International Relations (ZIB) is the first point of contact for students interested in spending a term abroad. The ZIB has established a number of exchange programmes with universities all over the world.

ZIB’s exchange programmes (STAP – Study Abroad Programmes), which are supported by the European Erasmus programme, give Cologne students the opportunity to spend a term abroad without having to pay any additional tuition fees. Students can even receive financial support. Moreover, these programmes greatly facilitate credit transfer. There are usually two application deadlines per year.

Alternatively, it is also possible for students to organise a term abroad on their own as a so-called freemover. In any case, students are strongly ecouraged to seek advice on course selection and credit transfer before going abroad.

The University’s International Office offers additional opportunities for studying abroad. With regard to financing, you can have a look at the programmes and grants of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The Master’s programme in Political Science allows students to spend one at Maastricht University as part of the double Master’s programme.

Credit transfer

There are several options for transferring credits from your studies abroad to your degree programme at Cologne University.

  • Supplementary section: In the supplementary section of both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s programme, there are special modules designated for transferring credits from studies abroad. Here, you have a relatively high degree of flexibility for course selection. Please note the information provided by the Credit Transfer Center.
  • Individual course credit transfer: Alternatively, you may substitute a specific course from your study programme in Cologne with a course from your studies abroad. For this to be an option, credit points, type of examination, and content of the courses must be comparable. If you would like to be sure in advance whether individual course credit transfer will be possible, you can apply for pre-crediting.
  • Special Aspects of Social Sciences: In the core section of the Master’s programme, there is a special module for credit transfer from a course completed at an external university (particularly suited for summer schools and the like).

If you have any questions about the credit transfer procedure, please contact the ZIB. For advice on academic matters regarding credit transfer, you can also make an appointment with the executive manager of the department.